Support Net Neutrality

This article lays out good reasons why real conservatives should support net neutrality:

“But net neutrality isn't even a government-provided service like the highway system. It's just a set of rules that allows private companies to profit from providing essential services while protecting consumers and the vast majority of businesses from manipulative, anti-competitive behavior.

ISPs argue that they provide all of the innovation and investment in the internet, but they're not what makes the internet special. Businesses large and small, from Facebook to Airbnb, make the internet what it is. Net neutrality has allowed them to start, to compete, and to prosper — all because consumers can largely make decisions based on cost and merit rather than what Comcast or AT&T prefer.”

Corporate Culture

Google is 15 years old. Apple is 30 to 35 years old now. The cultures were created at very different times. Apple was created when we didn’t have networks, we didn’t have mobile phones. It had a much more hierarchical structure. At Google, it was born out of a network culture. Everyone could talk to to everyone, and there was much more transparency.
— Tony Fadell