My 1st San Franniversary

Last Wednesday, April 23rd marked exactly a year ago when I came to San Francisco. Coming out here was one of the best decisions I ever made, if not the best. In some ways it was a long time coming, and in other ways it was spontaneous. Either way, it was a huge leap of faith that has paid off in innumerable ways.

Despite all of the physical changes, the biggest change for me has been the acceleration of my learning. I've learned more about people, life, cultures, technology, and design, among other things, than I can express in a blog post. Some of these things are immediately useful, while others will no doubt yield fruits in the unforeseen future.

I had no idea what I wanted out of life when I moved here. I certainly don't have it all figured out, but I have a much better idea than I did before. I've realized how blessed my life in Pennsylvania was. My childhood was a rare and special thing, which I will always hold close to my heart.

One year later, I miss the "comforts" of our beautiful home that my parents worked so hard to build. I've learned just how difficult it is to find a place like where I grew up. It truly was a haven to escape from the world; it was a safe, open place, full of love and laughter, frustrations and struggles. Everyone deserves a place like that.

That might sound nostalgic, and it is to a certain extent, but I do not long for the past. Rather, I am using my past to influence the future I am building. I believe in sobriety, meaning living in an active and conscious manner to experience, understand, and embrace the highs and lows. I am not living to forget.

It was not easy to get to this point. I had to consciously fight for it, and I still do. I had people in my life fighting for me when I was fighting against them. I blamed God for my pain, even though I didn't realize it for the longest time. But, He redeems all things for good. Now I wake up with zeal every single day. I possess joy that is unspeakable, and you can too.