It Fits In Your Pocket!

The iPhone 5s should be a powerhouse. The A7 chip with 64 bit computing, the M7 chip (for a new generation of health and fitness apps), major camera upgrades, and the Touch ID (fingerprint sensor) are all exciting new features. I’m baffled by how they fit all of that stuff in the same size housing as the iPhone 5, while supposedly improving battery life (slightly). The new home button design is pretty slick as well.

Even though I could have upgraded phones a year ago, the iPhone 5 was simply not compelling enough to me. I don’t need to waste money just to have the latest and greatest if what I have works fine. Alas, my 3-year-old iPhone 4 has gotten too slow to do many intensive tasks and I often find myself waiting for words I just typed to show up on-screen. I have to carry it in my back pocket because its life-support aka battery-case makes it too thick to fit in my front pocket.

A few months ago I was seriously considering the HTC One for its bigger screen and sleek design. However, I decided against it because Android still isn’t clean enough for me. I know if I had Android I would be endlessly frustrated trying to customize everything to my liking. I would rather spend that time reading articles or doing something more useful on my phone.

While I would still like a larger screen like on the HTC One, I am willing to compromise for a smaller screen because I think the power-packed iPhone 5s and the sleek new iOS 7 provide a compelling combination. I also can’t wait to have LTE speeds, play Plants vs. Zombies 2, and carry my phone in my front pocket! Hooray