Don’t feel bad for me because I haven’t found a job yet. Although it’s not easy, I relish this time. That’s right, I said relish.

Finding a job is not my ultimate goal. It is not the reason I moved, nor is it my end-game.

High school and college are, in many ways, easy because your goals are defined for you. Your future is essentially linear. There is a plan, a schedule to adhere to.

And in that, there is a certain amount of solace. But it can only take us so far. At some point we have to face the future, naked and vulnerable.

And that’s hard. Arguably harder to do without a job because jobs help give us a sense of purpose. But why should we need a job to reaffirm our self-worth?

I’m not sure, but in this time I am learning to value myself outside of what I do. That’s a skill I don’t think many people have. Maybe I should put that on my résumé…