Now is the Moment

Seems like I’m on a two-week blog post schedule. Could be worse.

In a previous blog, I made a lot of observations about being out here, how it is different or similar to the East Coast. I’ve realized that was kind of dumb. But, it was my perspective at the time. My perspective has just shifted and grown, so now those things seem small and inaccurate. nbd

Since my father passed away nearly two years ago, my views on life have fundamentally been altered. 2012 was without a doubt the most difficult year of my life, but it was necessary. I have been through the valley, so I am not afraid of it anymore. I have conquered the mountain, so it isn’t daunting anymore. People abandoned me; their apathy made them my enemy. Passivity is not an excuse for complacency.

None of that held me back any longer than it was supposed to. I don’t have time for mediocrity. I don’t have time to tame the snakes. I’ve tried that. The thing about snakes it that they always lie. They want to get close to you. When you are slow, they catch up to you. They smell the dust; they are attracted to it. I move too fast for them now. When I don’t leave them in darkness, in the dust behind me, I crush them beneath my heel.

Too many times we dwell in a low place. The key is to keep moving. An object in motion tends to stay in motion. When the brook dries up, when the favor has lifted, when the provision is no longer sufficient, when the status quo is holding you back, do not be afraid to get up and LEAVE that place. Complacency will make you weak and boring. Have the strength to see the prosperity that lies ahead of you and to move towards it. Fight or flight. There is a time for both. Recognize the time and do not hesitate. Hesitation is doubt. Doubt is fear. Fear holds you back.

My grandfather has a saying that goes something like “Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can get done today.” Ever since moving out here, to SF, that phrase has stuck with me, but not in the context that he used it. He would use that saying as an impetus to keep working. I use it as a reminder to enjoy the place I am in right now and to take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves because I may not be here tomorrow. I will never be at the exact time and place that I am right now. The moment that is happening now will never occur again. Time rolls on whether you like it or not. Tomorrow may be too late.