Visually Arrested

It’s been almost two weeks since my last post, and so much has happened in that time. Since then, I have toured design studios during SF Design Week, traveled to Reno with my family to see my brother’s club volleyball team compete at nationals, and traveled through Utah with new friends from SF.

I’ve found when a lot of things happen in a short period of time, time goes by fast, but in retrospect it feels that much longer. I’ve done so much in the last to weeks that it has felt like a month has passed. And, I have done so much since moving to SF a little over two months ago that it feels like half a year has gone by, at least.

Attending SF Design Week events was a great experience. I went to a networking event with interesting speakers; I love hearing what smart people have to say about the future of technology. The following night I went on a Design Studio crawl and got to see various types of design studios, mostly in the SOMA district, while meeting people along the way. Seeing the different working environments was tremendously helpful as I continue to try and figure out what type of place I would like to work at. There was one studio that I just knew was the type of place I wouldn’t flourish at. It is a satisfying feeling to trust your intuition, even though it often clashes with your intellect. Go with your gut!

I was actually somewhat anxious about seeing my family again. The thought of traveling with them in a small car, staying in the same hotel room, and losing my independence for several days were the culprits. But, my fears were quickly relieved as I remembered why I love them so much. We had such a fun time together as I showed them San Francisco, bickered in the car, swam in Lake Tahoe, cheered the team on in Reno, and ate taffy in bed. Saying goodbye was harder this time than the first because we weren’t as sick of each other ;)

The night my family left, some of my friends from SF picked me up to go on a road trip to Utah. I was also concerned about this trip because I hardly knew any of the details, but I knew the people who were going liked to have a good time, so I went with it. This time my fears weren’t even close to being alleviated, but it turned out to be one of the best trips I’ve ever had. I’ve found that when everything goes according to plan, life gets boring real fast. We certainly didn’t plan on having a car break down in the desert or leaving the tent poles in SF, but no one was harmed and now we have some great stories to tell.

We went from Reno to Great Basin National Park to Bryce Canyon NP through Capital Reef NP to Canyonlands NP to Arches NP to Salt Lake City to the Bonneville Salt Flats back home to SF in 5 days. It was, without a doubt, the most visually arresting few days of my life. The American West, the National Parks in Utah, the mountains and sky in Nevada, cannot adequately be described by words, nor captured in pictures. It is something you have to experience for yourself.