6 Weeks, Whoa!

Okay, instead of getting all philosophical and deep with this post, I’m going to attempt to update everyone to what I’ve been doing. For a week or two, I honestly wasn’t doing many interesting things worth blogging about. I was getting bored with the job search, as just about everyone does. I started feeling pretty down, but then pulled out of it thanks to encouragement from some people close to me. Couldn’t do it without them :)

I am now living at a sublet in the Haight-Ashbury District until the end of June. It’s a bustling house with a decent number of people living in it, but I like that because it keeps things interesting. I like to have activity around me, even if I need my space every once in a while.

I had been applying to full-time positions and internships in the design field. That got old. Now I am applying to almost anything, even jobs not related to design, because I want something to do while I search for something full-time. That’ll also bring in a little cash, kind-of important…

That process of applying, emailing, and meeting people has led to what could be some decent freelance gigs. Now that I have a place to stay for awhile and really feel like I know the city and a good amount of people, I think I am going to, once again, work on freelancing while still applying to jobs. Who knows where it will lead.

I have a bunch of friends with their ears to the ground for me, letting me know what they hear. Why should I do all the work? ;)

In non-job-related news: I’m getting really sick of my iPhone 4 (HTC One?), Papaya initiates my gag reflex, the SF MOMA’s 2nd floor is amazing, I’m still finding new coffee shops (Philz still has the best coffee by far), internet issues seem to follow me everywhere (or maybe I just expose them), and I’m still meeting new people from all over the world.

Alright, I’m off to meet some international folk for some soul food. I think :)