I have found that I need to trust my gut because my initial impression of something and someone has proven to be accurate time and time again. There’s a challenge with that, though. I want to keep an open mind and be friendly, but I can’t allow myself to trust someone who I know, deep down, is not trustworthy.

There are some people who are just so fake that I see right through them. They may fool some people, but not me. They put up a front by being cordial and saying all the right things, but they are just prying for information so they can keep tabs on me. They have no intention of being my friend or helping me. You see, they get close to you without being close to you. They stay objective. They don’t give you anything you can use against them. Their words are sweet, but their breath is foul. I leave those people in the dust where they belong.

Because I have been through hell, I own it. It has no power over me and, without hesitation, I recognize when the darkness tries to creep in. The enemy of your soul never walks through the door upright. He is a liar, always close to the ground, always crawling through the dust, under the rader so you won’t recognize what he is doing, always creeping and lurking in the shadows. Because he is a coward.

He hides behind a mask, I’ve seen him hide behind drugs, fear, religion, politics, you-name-it. There is always a veil, a fabricated covering that hides his true identity. When that veil comes under pressure and starts to lift, you see the ugliness that lies underneath.

When you live like I do, without a veil, with the Truth on your lips and courage in your heart, anyone you encounter who lives a lie behind closed doors is immediately threatened.  Cowardice recognizes authority. Light penetrates darkness with force, never the other way around. Darkness always moves slowly, strangling it’s subjects. That’s why I keep moving. Something that is unclean can only affect you if you let it close to you, and it only gets close to you when you let your guard down.

You see what I’m saying. You see the dilema. When you recognize something is unclean, how can you be accepting of it without letting get close? You have to be so sure of what you believe that you will not waver. You don’t condone it, nor do you judge people for it. You stay neutral. Objective. You use your enemy’s tactics against him.

You become untouchable.