Good News!

Tomorrow I will be starting an informal internship of sorts at a small ad agency! I met the couple who runs it last week and they were more than willing to help me out. Very generous of them. They do good work and are real smart. I think it will be a mutually beneficial relationship that will lead to good things.

A friend and former professor of mine has been instrumental in giving me people to contact, including the people I will be interning with. I never know who I will meet, how I will meet them, and when it will happen. I do my best to create those interactions, but I enjoy the relationships that come as a surprise the most.

For example, last night I went to a talk and networking Meetup about Responsive Web Design & Ads. It could have been boring if I’d done the easy thing and kept to myself, but I didn’t do that. I wound up meeting one of the presenters, who a really talented and passionate web developer/designer. He basically said that they are always looking for good people and I should drop by the company’s offices sometime to talk and drop off my resume. How cool is that?!

And one of the brilliant things about the internet is that I can connect with him on various social networks, exchange ideas and information, and keep him informed on my whereabouts, so-to-speak. The people I meet won’t just forget about me unless I let them, or if they are disconnected jerks, in which case I wouldn’t care if they forgot about me ;)

Even with all our technology, it takes so long to properly contact someone, especially when you are trying to make a professional connection. It’s no longer good enough to send a quick email, at least not to me. Now it is accepted, expected, and pretty much required to learn everything you can about the person or business you are reaching out to, and to respond quickly. It can be a grueling process when you’ve been doing it day-in and day-out, but it is rewarding to learn about people.

I have a love/hate relationship with the internet. It’s mostly love, but I have found that there are two ways I function on the internet: I either consume content or I create content. I try to find a balance between the two, but it is so much easier to wander down a rabbit hole of knowledge, consuming copious amounts of information. Most of what I read is of value in one way or another, sometime directly benefitting me, and other times becoming a resource from which I will draw from in the future. After consuming a lot of content, I often feel like I do after a big meal, which is really full and tired. I usually end up doing the opposite of consumption and creating content to make myself feel better. Hence this blog… ?

I believe in striking up a balance between consumption and creation. It is hard to do, but I believe we are happier and healthier when we aren’t stuck at one end of the spectrum.