SF is Different

Here’s a quick post about some things I’ve noticed about San Francisco that are different from the East Coast. Some things could just be because SF is a city and I am from the country, but they still are different to me :)

  • chalkboard menus are common in cafes and coffee shops
  • most street signs have a different look
  • street names are stamped in the sidewalks at intersections
  • different plant-life, vegetation, & trees (obviously)
  • the trees are squeaky (no, really)
  • mesh strainers are used in drains rather than metal baskets
  • sponges are used rather than dishrags, which I find ironic because SF is known for being green, but sponges are thrown out, whereas dishrags are washed and reused
  • this is probably an anomaly, but during my first few weeks here hardly anyone knocked on bathroom doors, they just tried to open the door, I find it to be rude and annoying, so I was always sure to lock, I’ve encountered less of that recently
  • there are a lot more Mini Coopers, Smart Cars, Priuses (Priusi?) & just small cars than on the East Coast, but honestly not as much as I expected, there is a good amount of small SUVs and even a fair number of larger vehicles
  • tech-wise, the city is predominantly Apple-centric, it isn’t even close really, almost everyone who has a smartphone has an iPhone, most laptop-users in coffee shops are on MacBooks, based on what I’ve seen, I’d say the ratio is 70% Apple, if not more
  • people have told me SF is slower than NYC, at first I didn’t see it, but now I do, in general, people are more laid back, not as “hustle-bustle,” not as money-driven as NYC, I prefer it that way, there are certainly exceptions to that, though

I probably forgot some things, but that is the list I had compiled to share. Subject to change…