The search goes on…

I try to sprinkle some excitement into the many hours of applying to jobs by  going to new places in the city. I have enjoyed getting a coffee at a local restaurant while mooching off the free wifi to perform my job search. It’s also nice to be able to just take a walk and see new things after staring at a screen for many hours.

I was thinking I would like to eventually become a User Interface designer. Now that I’m out here and applying to jobs, I see that I’m not exactly qualified or have the work to prove that I would be a successful UI Designer, even though I’m confident I would be. However, there are a lot of jobs for experienced UI, UX, and Interaction Designers in San Francisco.

Currently, my portfolio and experience covers a broad range of design styles and types. I am applying to essentially all design jobs that don’t list experience as a requirement, and just hoping to make some contacts and possibly get an interview.

One of the roommates in the flat I’m staying at works in marketing at a tech company and gave me good advice. Based on my observations and what she told me, I think I will have the most luck finding a job as a Visual Designer or with getting an internship.

I have to admit that in my mind, an internship sounds like a step down, but that isn’t the case with large tech companies and ad agencies. Internships often lead to full-time positions and provide valuable experience and insight for the job search.

This list is more something for my reference, but it could prove useful to other designers thinking of moving out here:

  • Graphic/Visual Design: How it looks
  • Information Architecture/Design: How it’s organized
  • UI Design: How it works before I touch it
  • Interaction Design: How it works after I touch it
  • Web Design: How it works in a browser
  • UX Design: How I feel about it
  • Development: Actual coding