It just so happened that the one older gentleman staying in my room at the hostel was from Lancaster, PA, albeit on the side of the county I don’t know much about.

When FaceTiming with my family, I referred to him as the “napper” because I swear he was only awake for six hours a day. He would wake up at a decent hour, go out and do who knows what, then come back sometime mid-afternoon and sleep until the next morning! Basically, whenever I came into the room, he was asleep. This went on for  several days until one night he didn’t return until really late. Initially, I was somewhat concerned that something had happened to him because he had kept such a tight schedule the other days.

So that was amusing in itself, but it got even better. One night I was using my laptop on my bed and he returned to the room. I asked how his day went and he said it went well, that he got some mail sent out. He proceeds to walk toward the window and lets out this odd noise, as if he had hurt himself. I ask him what happened, expecting him to say he stubbed his toe, but instead he starts telling me about lemurs.

He said he and his friends raised some lemurs, but then they were taken away from them and the vets killed them. I asked him when this happened, thinking he was going to say it happened today, but he says 2003! He went on to talk about these lemurs for about ten minutes. A particularly memorable part was when he said how the one vet’s helper was a cruel man and he put a poisonous insect on the back of the female lemur. Then he knelt down and acted out the scene of getting the bug off his back right in front of me. He was completely serious.

At one point he mentioned how the female lemurs would have liked to have been with the male lemurs, but male the lemurs were in Philadelphia and the female lemurs in Hawaii and they were fixed, so it wouldn’t have really mattered if they were together. Needless to say, the whole time I was just trying not to laugh because he genuinely cared about these lemurs. It was just the combination of how random the story was, some of the ludicrous events he was describing, and the way he talked about them that made it so funny.