Why is it that we so easily forget our past victories? Our doubts and fears undermine our strength and confidence without much effort. But we let them have power over us. We need to remind ourselves of where we have been, where we have risen from, the pit we have crawled out of. We need to train our minds to comply with our faith.

I don’t have much tolerance for negative people. Never have, never will. When all that comes out of your mouth is foul, what does that say about your heart and mind? The truth is that we always have a choice to make. In many ways we live in a gray world, where there isn’t a stern line between good and bad. It may be hard to see at times, but the positive & negative, good & bad, light & dark, they always exist.

We forget what’s important when we focus on the negative. Perhaps more than when we have a positive perspective, a negative perspective snowballs, often causing us to spiral out of control until we find ourselves back in the proverbial pit where we started.

Sometimes it isn’t until we hit rock bottom, in whatever form it comes, that we realize we need to change. We need to shift our thinking to a higher perspective. That is the power of redemption. The ability that we all have to stand up and start running after we have been knocked down. The strength to turn ourselves around 180 degrees in a matter of minutes.

That ability is inherently a part of human nature and forever will be, but the enemy of our souls wants to keep us oppressed and tied to the ground. Don’t let him have that power.

When we do start to stumble, it can be hard to stop. Sometimes we just need someone to remind us of the good things, the things we have forgotten. Find that person or people in your life and hold them close.

Even when we seemingly have nothing, we still have redemption.