Stop Blaming Technology

I get really ticked off when I hear people complain about how technology is ruining society and that people aren’t as spontaneous as they used to be and blah blah blah. Technology is an easy scapegoat for our problems. Sure, technology has a part in the issues with modern society, but some people act like it is the problem, and that is just not true. Democrats are not the only ones to blame for our problems, nor are Republicans. Everyone and everything plays a part in the successes and failures of life.

What sparked this rant was a Facebook post quoting someone who was claiming that we are not as spontaneous as we used to be because of our phones and that every time we do something online we are ruining ourselves a little more.

That is complete malarky. Technology is a tool that empowers us to live better lives and connect with the people we care about. Just like everything else, it should be used in moderation with self-control. Anyone who is tired of their phone can turn it off. If you don’t want an iPad, you don’t have to buy one. We are still in control.

I choose to write a blog about my trip so that other people can learn from it. I choose to post photos to Instagram because I like taking photos and I like sharing them with family and friends. Nothing about that is degrading me as a free-spirited human being. If anything, it is making me better because I am constantly learning how to better communicate with the people I care about. And I can stop any time I want.

The car isn’t to blame when someone dies in an accident. The gun isn’t to blame when someone is shot. Why then is technology to blame for what is lacking in society? We can only blame ourselves because we have always been and always will be the ones controlling our destiny.