In the past two weeks, I have spent more time and money at coffee shops and cafes than I have in my entire life combined. I bring this up because a friend who’s been following my blog told me that it seems like I’m in parks all the time. Not counting the first week I spent sightseeing, I’ve spent most of my time sitting in coffee shops, applying to jobs and mooching off the free wifi. It’s actually a nice way to be around people and get work done. It’s a quite common thing for job seekers out here to do, from what I’ve heard.

So today I took a break from the job search and walked through Golden Gate Park until I got to the Pacific Ocean. I love the diversity of the environments and terrain in San Francisco. There are a lot of parks, some of them are open grass areas for dogs, but others have dense vegetation and even coyote warnings. Then there are the hills you can climb to get great views, unlike most cities where you have to go to the top of a skyscraper to do the same. You are never too far from the ocean if you want to go to a beach. And that’s all just the city! I haven’t even gotten to explore National Parks and everything else the Bay Area has to offer, other than Alcatraz.

So, basically what I’m saying is that there are a lot of things to do for free that encourage an active lifestyle. Just about everyone I’ve been around has been health-conscious and active. It’s not in a forced way, like they have to live that way to stay fit and thin, but it just seems normal to eat healthy.

To be completely honest, there are not many overweight or obese people out here. I would guesstimate that only 5% of the people that I’ve seen have been obese or overweight. The same statistics go for old people; I have hardly seen any of them.

There are certainly other factors, but I think a lot of that has to do with the diversity of the population. When you have lots of different cultures and types of food, you don’t just stick with burgers and fries; you want to try new things. And with so many young people in the city, drinks with friends followed by late-night burritos is more common than a traditional meal. And perhaps more tasty.

I am now staying at a different sublet near Cole Valley, which is smack-dab in the geographic center of the city, near the beginning of Golden Gate Park. I will miss the people I was staying with before in the Mission, but I am glad to have a new place to explore… and a good, fast internet connection ;)