It’s Not All Pretty

Not everything about San Francisco is beautiful and great, but I try to focus on the good things. That is easy to do in the beginning, but once you’ve been somewhere for while, you begin to see things from a more realistic perspective. Kind of like the way a student views college as a freshman, and then as a senior. Most of you know what I mean ;)

San Francisco has a lot of homeless, bums, hippies, and just downright crazy people. I don’t give money to any of them, make eye contact, or stop walking when I’m near them. Seriously, a lot of them are crazy and for all I know, they could use the money to go buy crack. I gave some food to a guy once because he was actually asking for food and I happened to have some. Besides that, I just keep my head down when I walk by them.

Overall, I haven’t had a problem or gotten lost using the public transportation here. It can get a bit pricey, though. The nice thing is that the layout of the city makes sense; it is like a grid and you can see really far on a lot of streets because they are straight.

Many people complain about the fog that rolls in over the city. I still find it to be pretty neat because it’s new to me, but I haven’t lived in an area of the city yet that gets a lot of fog. I see how that could be dreary.

Perhaps the most obvious negative about the city is the high cost of living. A sublet of a single bedroom in a flat where you share common areas with other people is almost always $1000 minimum. The prices of course, change depending on where you are in the city, but that’s just to give you an idea. Everyone complains about how hard it is to find a place in the city. Based on what I can tell, it is a simple supply and demand problem. There is so much demand from people who want to live in the city and not enough housing for everyone, so the price goes up as a result. That’s why it surprises me that there aren’t more housing high-rises.

On the plus side, I haven’t found groceries, daily essentials, or basic restaurant fare to be any more expensive than they are back home. I kind of get all excited when I go to the City Target and they have all the same products that they have in all other Targets. The wonders of globalization :)