I don’t feel like counting the days. Almost 3 weeks now.

It might sound silly, but I’ve described SF and even California as being like Disney World. Last October when I went to Florida with my extended family and to the Magic Kingdom for a day, the biggest thing I came away with was that every day is a reason to celebrate. Here, any night of the week an impromptu party could break out. You could be out celebrating something different and enjoying life with people every day for no apparent reason if you wanted to be. I enjoy that aspect of being around people who are having fun and joking around.

As a general statement, I think the news media in America feeds us a constant stream of negativity that has become more and more prevalent in recent years. I used to keep up with current events, but not anymore. It is extremely rare now for me to listen to the news or partake in weighted conversations because my view is these things only make us fearful and divided. These things are so trivial in the grand scheme of things; the arguments always divulge into a war of words and the chance of you convincing the other person you are right and they are wrong is next to zero. I would rather be an example to others with the way I live my life than tell them how they should live theirs.

This week three people left the flat I am subletting a room in. A British girl went back to her country for an internship this summer with plans to return in the fall because she loves the city and her new friends so much. A lovely Australian couple quit their jobs and left their life in Sydney behind to pursue their dream of seeing America, by motorcycle! On top of that, my South Korean and Indian friends, Sang Ook and Rajesh, accidentally met at the airport before their departures. What are the odds of that?! I wish all of them the best with their endeavors and am glad to have met them.

One of the reasons for my move to San Francisco is because I want to get into the tech industry. I knew the Bay Area is the place to be for that, but I didn’t realize just how prevalent the industry is here. It seems that essentially everyone works in the tech industry. It is not uncommon for people to work for major tech companies like Google and Yelp, as well as small startups. So yea, I came to the right place for sure.

I have applied to roughly 30 places for both jobs and internships, most of them in the past week! I knew I sent out a lot of applications, but that is many more than I realized. Trial by fire (is that the right saying?). The truth is, I couldn’t have found anywhere close to that number of jobs to apply to back home, especially not in the two weeks I’ve been here. I have a phone interview with a startup for Monday morning!

I have to remind myself that I haven’t even been here three weeks, but it feels like much longer. I’ve already been more places and done more things than some people who have been here for months! That’s why it’s stupid when I make myself feel like I should be further along than I am. In many ways I am my toughest critic and, ironically, I hold myself back with the pressure I place on myself. I know many people, perfectionists in particular, struggle with that and it’s something my dad struggled with. But, I will not continue that trend. There’s no room for doubt.