Day 2

I really feel like I need to get a sense of where things are so I can get my bearings straight and find my way around better. That way I can actually meet people places without getting completely lost, haha.

This morning I took the trolley up to Fort Mason, then walked through Marina Green and Crissy Field to end up at Fort Point to see the Golden Gate Bridge. It was much further than I thought it would be, it was so beautiful, especially Crissy Field. However, it was cold and wind was blowing in my face the whole time, so that wasn’t ideal.

Being at the bridge was kind of a peaceful, surreal feeling. I think it was a combination of the fog and the fact that I couldn’t feel my face, lol. It is quite a majestic site, at least to someone who’s never seen it before. I didn’t go further than Fort Point; I’ll save that for another time.

I took the bus back towards the city, then walked on Polk Street down through Russian Hill and grabbed lunch along the way. I turned onto Sacramento Street and walked down to see Grace Cathedral, which is utterly massive.

It’s crazy how steep some of the streets are. You wouldn’t want to trip walking down them, let me tell you what! But the views from the high points are beautiful. Just watch out for the wind. It was just funneling up those streets and was chillingly cold.

The combination of the cold air, strong wind, and all the walking wore me out. I’m proud to say that I resisted the urge to nap… this time.

Another part of the city tomorrow…